On 17 October 2020, the contract data reports function in FPDS.gov will retire. The reports function is moving to beta.SAM.gov. GSA highly recommends that all users become familiar with contract data reports in beta.SAM.gov as the move on 17 October is permanent. (GSA Interact, August 3, 2020)

Currently, reports are available in both places in an effort to ease into the change. GSA suggests that new users acclimate themselves through the following user guides and video:

  • Static Reports Reference Guide
  • Standard Reports Reference Guide
  • Ad Hoc Reports Reference Guide
  • Standard, Static, and Admin Reports Video Basic Ad Hoc Reports Video

Experienced users may find these resources helpful:

  • Contract Data Reports Before and After Transition from FPDS.gov to beta.SAM.gov
  • Quick Start Guide for Static, Standard, and Administrative Reports
  • Quick Start Guide for Ad Hoc Reports (ibid)

Feedback will be used to determine time frames and functionality, giving stakeholders a voice in beta.SAM.gov outcomes. One example is the search capability to assist in finding more applicable search results. Multiple words or phrases may be searched and beta.SAM.gov will prioritize the search by relevance. Use the feedback button in beta.SAM.gov to give GSA your thoughts on the reports function. (ibid)

Have questions about the new functionality of beta.SAM.gov? Give us a call.