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GSA Advantage!

GSA Advantage! Catalog Services

If you’ve already secured your GSA Schedule Contract award and number, it’s important to make your products and services as visible as possible to potential government buyers. GSAAdvantage! is the main online shopping center for government buyers, where they find federal contractors like you; however, this is a highly competitive marketplace, which requires expertise to stay a step ahead of your competition.

EZGSA has helped hundreds of companies increase their GSA sales by optimizing their GSAAdvantage presence quickly, efficiently, economically, and effectively. Contact our GSA Advantage Specialists today to secure your listing!

Assistance with GSAAdvantage! Catalog Uploads, Maintenance, and eBuy

Our experienced staff understands the importance of high visibility and competitiveness for your GSAAdvantage! listing. That’s why we provide GSA Advantage! assistance services that include:

  • Registering your company with the GSA Vendor Support Center;
  • Preparing your catalog to be effective in a highly competitive market—including product details, pricing, photographs, as well as links to product descriptions and your website;
  • Submitting your catalog electronically via Electronic Data Interchange or GSA’s SIP (Schedule Input Program) software;
  • Updating your GSA Advantage! catalog as needed—including negotiating contract changes, when necessary, with your GSA/VA contracting officer for price changes, part numbers, descriptions, and more;
  • Updating and maintaining your eBuy account;
  • And more!

EZGSA’s extensive knowledge of the industry and its ever-changing solicitations, pricing demands, and government buyer needs allow us to help your company increase visibility of your products on GSA Advantage! and subsequent sales. Whether your business provides advertising and marketing services, IT equipment, environmental services, or hardware, contact the expert GSAAdvantage! consultants at EZGSA to help your company expand and maintain your GSAAdvantage catalog to successfully increase your online presence in the government marketplace.

How To Make the Most of Your GSAAdvantage! Catalog

GSAAdvantage! provides access to thousands of contractors and millions of supplies and services for government buyers. This is a fantastic opportunity for promoting your products and services, but remember, your competition is trying to do the same. Here are some things to consider once you have secured your GSA Schedule Contract award:

  • 80% of contractors are small businesses
  • 90% of government needs were fulfilled outside of GSA Schedule contracts in the 2010 fiscal year
  • 60% of GSA Schedule holders can’t meet the minimum sales requirements established in their contract clause
  • 5% of the GSA Schedule contractors secure 80% of the business
  • Over 19,000 contractors have obtained a GSA Schedule contract

Simply uploading your catalog to GSAAdvantage! doesn’t cause the government contracts to start lining up. Your GSA Advantage! online presence needs to be maintained and updated frequently to stay ahead of your competitors and promote repeat business. Hiring the right GSA Schedule consultants can mean the difference between GSA Schedule success and failure—only 40% of the 19,000 GSA Schedule contracts get government business! EZGSA will provide your potential or returning federal customers with prominent access to your products and services, updated competitive pricing, and complete product information, which will make your business more profitable.

EZGSA has more than 20 years of experience, nearly 900 successful GSA Schedules awards, and five books on the topic, making us the experts on GSA Schedules and securing government contracts. We will personalize the experience to your business’ needs in order to make your GSAAdvantage! catalog as successful and profitable as possible.

Whether you’re already on GSAAdvantage!, but want to be more successful, or you’ve only just gotten your GSA Schedule and you’re not sure where to go next, call EZGSA! Our GSA Schedule consultants have the experience and expertise required to make your company successful on GSAAdvantage! Contact our GSA Advantage experts today to find out how we can help you!