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GSA Schedule Application and Preparation Consulting Services

GSA Schedule Turnkey Service

EZGSA proposal specialists work closely with your staff to completely understand your core business so we can present to GSA a proposal that demonstrates your company in the best possible manner. Our methodology for developing your GSA Schedule proposal includes:

  • Becoming familiar with your company’s offerings
  • Obtaining administrative, technical, and pricing information about your company
  • Optimizing your presentation to the government
  • Assisting you to codify your commercial sales practices
  • Developing pricing and government discounting practices

Our GSA Schedule consultants then develop and submit a bid to GSA, matching exactly the federal government’s extensive requirements and criteria. We:

  • Complete all necessary forms
  • Submit all required documents to the GSA’s eOffer
  • Speed the review process by pro-actively discussing your offer with the Contracting Officer

Complete the administrative review, negotiation, and FPR stagesUpdate you regularly on the status of your proposal/listing

Contact EZGSA today to prepare your GSA Schedule proposal!

GSA Schedule Application Assistance Service

For those companies that are able to invest personnel time more easily than money, EZGSA offers GSA Schedule consulting and application assistance. This is appropriate for businesses that:

  • Are interested in having their products and/or services listed on the GSA Schedule
  • Have limited investment capital
  • Feel confident in navigating most proposal requirements
  • Would like to utilize EZGSA staff for guidance with process and/or GSA negotiations

As part of the Basic Assistance Service, the GSA Schedule consultants at EZGSA will:

  • Assist you by acting as project manager for a GSA submission
  • Provide guidance, education, training, advice, and experience as you require
  • Review a final proposal package before you submit the package to GSA
  • Complete the administrative review, negotiation and FPR stages
  • Submit the proposal, if requested, via GSA’s online submission eOffer service
  • Assist you during the administrative review, negotiation, and FPR stages, as needed

In short, this GSA Schedule application service allows you to utilize EZGSA’s GSA Schedule services in the manner that best fits your organization. Get the help you need today!

Contact EZGSA for expert GSA Schedule Consulting Services!

GSA Schedule Proposal / Application Scrub

If you have already completed a first draft, or even a final draft, of your GSA Schedule proposal, we would be pleased to take a look at it for you! Because we constantly talk to GSA Contracting Officers and stay updated on trends at each of the acquisition centers, we’re well prepared to provide you with a straight-forward, objective analysis. In this fixed price service, we:

  • Review your entire GSA Schedule proposal submission, including all attachments
  • Review your registrations (e.g., SAM, NAICS codes) and ensure they match your GSA Schedule proposal requirements
  • Offer advice and feedback about the representation of your commercial pricelist and GSA pricing as well as your commercial sales practices and discounting
  • Provide a final written report of all findings
  • Schedule a conference call to discuss the report at your convenience

Contact EZGSA today and let our experts evaluate your GSA Schedule proposal!