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GSA Schedule Contract Management Services

Government Contract Management (CM) Packages

CM Consulting       Renewals     IFF Assessment       Contractor Assistance Visits (CAVs)        Subcontract Reporting

EZGSA offers a number of package solutions for everything from large businesses that must file EEO and subcontracting reports to mid-sized product-based companies that require a large number of modifications per year to small businesses that prefer to leave quarterly reporting and contract maintenance to others. For more information about any of the packages below, contact EZGSA at 301-913-5000 or

Contract Management Consulting

EZGSA provides a full contract management service, performing all the necessary tasks of operating your GSA Schedule so that you can just work on obtaining sales and providing your products and services. Many companies utilize EZGSA instead of hiring a full-time contracts administrator, but we are happy to make our consulting plans fit your needs. We can:

  • Create an electronic version of your Authorized FSS Pricelist*
  • File your FSS Pricelist  and upload it to GSAAdvantage!
  • Register with the Vendor Support Center for 72A reporting
  • Report quarterly sales
  • Maintain the original contract and 72A files
  • Assist with required registrations and reporting (SAM, VETS-100, etc.)
  • Comply with all GSA-issued mass modifications
  • Create Economic Price Adjustment modifications
  • Submit contractor-requested modifications and associated GSAAdvantage! uploads
  • Help respond to relevant government-issued modifications
  • Discount on EZGSA Post Award Compliance Educational Seminars
  • Track and report Small business subcontracting goals
*Requires pricing notes and pricing in an electronic format. Companies that utilized EZGSA for their GSA Schedule award receive a discount on these services if signing up for management within 30 days of award.

GSA Contract Renewal and Sunset Services

EZGSA can assist in your renewal submission by providing any and/or all of the following services:

  • Reviewing your modifications and GSAAdvantage! uploads to ensure compliance with all requirements
  • Analyzing your commercial sales practices and working with you to present these in the most advantageous manner
  • Inspecting your representations and certifications to ensure all are current and correct
  • Compiling all required data, submitting the renewal documents and representing your company during administrative review and negotiations
  • Requesting contract extensions, when necessary
  • Minimizing your time spent in the submission and review process

Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) Assessment

Contract holders must report all GSA Schedule sales and remit the appropriate IFF payment on a quarterly basis. GSA routinely advises and audits contractors to ensure compliance. EZGSA can assist you in ensuring compliance by:

  • Reviewing your accounting system and procedures for classifying government sales
  • Analyzing past 72A reports for accuracy, including SIN, timeliness, open market and other direct costs
  • Recommending regulated and reproducible Standard Operating Procedures
  • Producing a report of Findings and Recommendations

Government Contractor Assistance Visits

EZGSA helps prepare for, and answer questions by, the Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA) during Contractor Assistance Visits. We meet with your company to review your management processes and adherence to the contract’s terms and conditions. This allows you to be knowledgeable about IOA questions regarding your:

  • Documentation (FPR, CSPs, modifications and current and previous FSS Pricelists)
  • Sales records (sales data, 72A reports, purchase orders, invoices and cost proposals)
  • Tracking system and administrative accuracy
  • Contract scope, TAA compliance and basis of award relationships

We are also available to you before and during IG Audits, as necessary.

Government Subcontracting Reporting for Large Businesses

If your large business needs assistance complying with the government’s complicated electronic subcontracting reporting system, EZGSA offers a  subcontracting reporting package in which we:

  • Review your awarded subcontracting plan
  • Work with you to survey subcontractors and identify types of small business concerns involved (as well as the applicable contracts and DUNS numbers)
  • Hold monthly conference calls with a representative of your company to determine exact attainment toward subcontracting goals and current subcontractors
  • Electronically submit semi-annual Subcontract Summary Reports (SSRs)
  • Electronically submit supplemental and annual Individual Subcontract Reports (ISRs)