Earlier this year, the Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goal: Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset was released, with a goal to develop and implement  comprehensive Federal Data Strategy. Over the next year,  the first government-wide data strategy will be developed, along with plans for implementation.

The Federal Data Strategy is chartered to define principles, practices, and a first-year action plan to deliver a more consistent approach to federal data stewardship, use, and access. This development team will also test solutions and assumptions with the Data Incubator Project, which will help identify priority use cases and methods that should be replicated or scaled.

Four Federal Data Strategy areas of exploration include:

  • Expertise data governance
  • Decision making and accountability
  • Access, use, and augmentation
  • Commercialization, innovation, and public use

This strategy will be built on the expertise and input of those who contribute ideas, examples, comments, and suggestions. If you have any, now is the time to share!

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