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Will GSA Reopen Schedule 75: Office Products and Supplies?

Schedule 75 was first closed in October of  2010 and was originally intended to be closed for 24 months. A GSA review determined an additional 12 months of inactivity was appropriate for the schedule, pushing the reopening date back to 2013. It has yet to reopen.

The GSA has issued a new RFI (request for information) regarding reopening Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 75: Office Products and Supplies.  According to the GSA website:

“Throughout 2016, GSA has been working closely with the vendor community, customers, various industry associations, wholesalers and suppliers in the office supply community to determine the best course of action for re-opening MAS 75…

“We received great comments from our customers, various industry associations, wholesalers and manufacturers in the office supply industry and have come up with ideas that we think will make MAS 75 a new and improved solution for purchasing office supplies,” said Peter Han, GSA Northeast Caribbean Supply and Acquisition Center director“ A major goal of the new solution remains increasing [the] opportunity for small business participation by at least 5 percent.”

To find more information you may join the Schedule 75 Community Group or contact us at EZGSA for any questions about how this will affect you.