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Tag: GSA customer

Are you listening, it’s me your government customer?

Business development expert Nic Coppins reveals eight habits that government contractors exhibit, alienating customers and stakeholders. While many deny these habits, they do exhibit them. This begs the question, are you customer-focused or just acting?

  1. Talking Too Much: Dominating conversations hinders engagement, prioritizing your voice over the customers’. Remember, if you are talking, you are losing. (Washington Technology, February 23, 2024)
  2. Jargon Overload: Speak plainly to ensure clarity; ditch confusing acronyms and tech terms to ensure your message hits home. (ibid)
  3. “Solution-itis” is an actual disease: Slow down, diagnose first, and tailor your solutions to fit customer needs. (ibid)
  4. Question Quality: Craft insightful questions to uncover unique challenges and differentiate yourself from the competition. (ibid)
  5. The Disengaged Listener: Be present and engaged; absorb what’s being said instead of rehearsing responses. (ibid)
  6. Self-Centered Approaches: Align with the customer’s needs, not overshadowing them with your agenda.
  7. Skipping Personal Connection: Take time to build rapport and trust before diving into business.
  8. The blame game, look inwards: Take responsibility for your communication style and actively seek feedback.

Confront these habits head-on to improve customer relationships and prioritize effective communication and genuine engagement.

Not certain how to get back on track? Give us a call.