Are You a Solver?

The Government Effectiveness Advanced Research Center (GEAR) is responsible for improving the way the federal government solves issues. It has started making use of “Solvers” also known as academic leaders and subject matter experts in economics, design, and other creative areas.  (Federal Times, May 14, 2019)

Solvers (including participating individuals, teams, or legal entities) have been challenged by the government to tackle one or more of the major challenges facing government described in the current President’s Management Agenda (PMA). To take part in the challenge, Solvers demonstrate usefulness of a GEAR Center model that directly maps to cross-agency priority goals and proposes a workable GEAR Center model creatively addressing the PMA. (

The GEAR Center Challenge takes place in three phases: project proposal, project plan, and proposal presentations. Interested individuals or parties may submit multiple proposals to the challenge; however, only one prize per challenge will be awarded. Proposals might be used to shape the GEAR Center or as potential first steps for the long term. (Federal Times, May 14, 2019)

The first phase opened for submissions May 2nd, with each subsequent phase consisting of participants selected from the previous phases. Submissions for the first phase are due May 24, 2019. Submissions should consist of a two-page proposal summarizing the potential program, predicted outcomes, and the best possible team to implement the proposal and the materials necessary to undertake the proposal. (ibid)

Want to know more about the GEAR Center challenge? Give us a call at (301) 913-5000.