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Tag: Biden Administration equity action plan

GSA has an equity plan

For the first time in its history, GSA has an equity action plan. Their goal is to increase investments in small disadvantaged businesses (SDB)s. This while the Biden Administration addresses systemic issues, negatively affecting underserved communities. (Federal Computer Week April 14, 2022)

Last week, GSA announced its plan to administer $75 billion in annual contracts. GSA plans to focus on three particular areas: federal procurement, federal buildings, and federal technology design and delivery. (ibid)

The GSA plan identified five barriers impacting SDBs from achieving equitable outcomes in the federal marketplace:

  • Lack of centralized portal
  • Inability to access potential awards
  • Lack of knowledge of federal procurement requirements
  • Inability to navigate and or comply with federal procurement requirements. (ibid)

GSA is looking for new ways for SDBs to find places on existing governmentwide acquisition contracts while creating a supplier diversity plan along with a “robust post-award engagement strategy” to make sure SDBs are successful. GSA is simplifying the process for new candidates, educating and creating new pathways into the federal procurement arena. (ibid)

According to Robin Carnahan, GSA Administrator, “this plan lays out how GSA intends to integrate diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility as a priority in everything we do, from delivering projects to designing websites. For government to work, it needs to work for everyone. That’s why we are focused on improving how we at GSA, and our federal partners, can improve how we deliver services to all of America’s communities.” (ibid)

In support of the Biden Administration’s goal to increase federal contract spending on SDBs, GSA plans to increase federal contract spending by 50% over the coming five years. The Small Business Administration is investing in technology to improve program applications. The goal is to increase access to capital for minority-owned businesses. In addition, the White House plans to invest $31 billion in various forms of assistance for socially and economically disadvantaged businesses. (ibid)

Are you an SDB or minority-owned business looking to work with the Federal Government? Give us a call.