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A great LinkedIn profile might land you a Government Contract

State and local government procurement specialists are increasingly relying on online platforms like LinkedIn to evaluate potential vendors. A poorly optimized personal profile could lead to missed opportunities for vendors aiming to secure government contracts. Lumino, a B2G marketing agency, conducted The Pulse of Procurement Report, surveying 100 state and local government and 100 federal government budget owners to understand their vendor selection process. (Government Technology April 1, 2024)

According to Lumino’s report, 35 percent of state and local government respondents exclusively vet vendors online. This statistic highlights the significance of maintaining a strong online presence. Jenny Karn, Lumino’s CEO, emphasized the importance of being easily discoverable online and ensuring that a company’s website presents a positive impression to potential clients. (ibid)

Establishing a robust web presence coupled with a solid SEO strategy is crucial, as revealed by Lumino’s research. Seventy-one percent of state and local agencies and 61 percent of federal respondents find vendors through company websites, often starting their search on search engines like Google or Bing. Karn stressed that being discoverable online is essential, as competitors with stronger online visibility are more likely to attract attention from government agencies. (ibid)

LinkedIn emerges as the preferred social media platform for government agencies to find new vendors, according to the survey results. Government budget owners often review not only a company’s main profile but also the personal LinkedIn profiles of its employees during the RFP review process. Karn emphasized the importance of maintaining a complete and keyword-optimized LinkedIn profile to demonstrate seriousness and professionalism to potential government clients. (ibid)

Although the Internet plays a crucial role in vendor discovery, Lumino’s survey also highlighted the continued value of in-person interactions, particularly at trade shows. While 83 percent of state and local governments attend trade shows to discover new vendors, only 74 percent of federal respondents do so. Additionally, trade shows serve as a platform for evaluating new vendors, with 37 percent of state and local respondents and 26 percent of federal respondents reporting that they assess vendors through these events. Thus making trade shows invaluable to being evaluated as a potential contract holder. (ibid)

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