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Proposal Consulting and Assistance

Have a RFP deadline coming up? EZGSA can assist with capture and proposal development by staffing and/or recruiting appropriate personnel for Business Development, Capture, and Proposal Development.

RFP and Proposal Service Categories

We support companies seeking to increase their proposal win rates through best practices proposal staffing solutions. Accordingly, we offer a range of professionals in the following areas, on a contract, contract-to-hire, or permanent hire basis:

  • Orals Coach
  • Business Development
  • Capture Manager
  • Black Hat Strategist
  • Pricing and Price-to-Win Analyst
  • Color Team Reviewer
  • Proposal Center/Operations Director
  • Proposal Manager
  • Book Boss/Volume Lead
  • Proposal Coordinator
  • Proposal/Technical Writer
  • Subject Matter Expert/Solutions Architect Writer
  • Technical Editor
  • Proposal Graphic Designer
  • Proposal Desktop Publisher

Proposal Writing

Building Blocks of a Winning Proposal

This two-part intensive is designed for the proposal writer, manager, business owner, or sales executive responsible for completing proposals tol win the company’s next federal opportunity. EZGSA’s training provides an understanding of each step in organizing and managing a federal proposal as well as best practices and real-world stories — successes, painful losses, and lessons learned. Upon completion, you will have the tools to easily predict your true chances of winning a proposal before you even begin. Moreover, you’ll have the insight to write the proposals that will grow your business.

RFP Modular Library

Responding to RFPs is an expensive, disruptive, and headache-inducing reality for businesses in the federal marketplace. Combine the hundreds of hours of writing with an unfairly short turn-around time, the disruption to your regular business, and a 20 percent (maybe) win-rate, and you can calculate how much responding to an RFP can cost your business. EZGSA has a better way. Let us save you time, money, stress, and position you for success.

Working with your team, our proposal writing specialists will build a modular RFP Library, enabling you to respond to the individual requirements in a proposal as if you were waiting for the RFP. Never look at a two-week deadline with dread again.

RFP and Proposal Background

With our contractors and full time, permanent proposal specialists, we offer:

  • A proven track record supporting federal contractors with their staff augmentation needs. Our consultants have experience across the federal, state, local and commercial arenas.
  • Flexible, personalized solutions. We supply individuals with experience aligned to your specific industry and unique proposal staffing needs.
  • A strong infrastructure built to ensure compliance in the case of an IRS 1099 audit. We support your efforts and protect your company from tax reclassification and co-employment issues.

Further Information

To get further information about our RFP and Proposal services, contact our Proposal Consulting experts today.